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My Journey

I used to be a food and travel blogger. Yep, you read right. However, after a life-changing event back in 2018, I realized my content had no meaning to me personally. After going for therapy, reconnecting with my mum and friends, I shifted my focus to speaking about mental health, positivity with a side of struggles and just real content amongst all the noise of social media today.

My voice led me to do amazing things in order to reach more beautiful souls such as keynote speeches, workshop facilitation, helping strategize content for brands and a TEDx Talk. My journey then, now and in the future will always be working towards being the best version of me so I can inspire other people to know that it's okay not to be okay, and life isn't for the gram, it's for living.


"If I am able to help one other person out there feel less alone, less afraid; if I am able to make that person smile just a little bit more, that's all that matters to me"

My Vision

To be an example to those around me to be kind to themselves and those around them. In other words - Just a guy trying to be kind.

My Mission

Phew, where do I start? There is a lot I want to do. But here are two main missions:

Mental Health Advocation through acts of Kindness: To be able to be a voice through my story and actions in order to provide people with the most powerful feeling - Relatability.

Content Marketing Consulting: Helping shape fun and relatable content with brands I believe in from buyer personas to overall content strategies through the formulation of content funnels, ranging from buyer personas to blog and social strategies.

My Values


Growing up my single mother would teach me the importance of kindness, not through verbal teaching, but action. She would be kind to everyone in her life and that was the foundation I needed to ensure I practised the same through this weirdly beautiful world. To be kind, I choose to be vulnerable.


I choose to show some of my most difficult and raw moments in my life. I believe in being real in a social world that tells you to be something else. I believe my vulnerability will not bring the most traction or attention, but if it helps one other person, that I can be brave enough to do it.


To be vulnerable and kind, I must be courageous. The world can be a scary place. People will try to paint you as something different. However, this is my canvas, and I choose to be courageous in order to make change happen. I believe I can, scratch that, I believe WE can.

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