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Podcast Appearances

Our first YOUTH CHANGEMAKERS PODCAST guest is Sharan Velauthan, the founder of Cosplay Cleanup; a cleanup day that fuses Cosplay & Sustainability. Sharan is Tedx Speaker and a leading youth voice in the Mental Wellbeing space as well as having an incredible entrepreneurial mindset that is currently seeing him collaborate on an exciting business venture promoting Mental Wellbeing in Sri Lanka.

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Just over a month ago, I had the pleasure of sitting in the front row at TEDx Docklands and watching Sharan speak for the first time. To put it simply, I was blown away by the confidence, maturity and kind nature of this superstar. The first thing I said after his talk was that, "I have to have you on the Energetic Radio podcast because you are simply incredible Sharan"

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Sharan talks about his global sustainability project-@cosplaycleanupglobal, how social media can be used to create an impact on a global scale, mental health, cultural differences in Australia, food and how he found work being a coloured person.

He mentions the impact he had being exposed to a diverse environment in Australia and how he’s doing everything he can to spread love and kindness.

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In this episode, Pinky and Atreyi talk about men’s mental health with Sharan. He opens up about his mental health journey by being vulnerable to our audience. How it is important to talk about men’s mental health to break the stigma surrounding it.

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