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Content Marketing Strategist

Storytelling is my passion. Building an emotional connection between a brand and its audience is a beautiful combination of wizardry and relatability. Over the years I have worked with amazing organizations such as RMIT's Student Life in Australia, social work organizations such as Red Cross Australia, to smaller organizations such as Long Weekend in Sri Lanka. I have been able to help strategize and create content for different audiences in order to expand brand presence and create an engaging content funnel. I have been involved in entire processes, from social media to blogs to managing and creating campaigns, affiliate and influencer marketing. If you'd like to collaborate or need help with some consulting with your brand send me an email! 

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Motivational Speaker

My work on social media has led me to speak for incredible events such as a TEDx Talk. TEDx allowed me to speak to an audience of inspirational speakers about storytelling and its impact on social change, my keynote speeches have allowed me to speak to new undergraduate university students about living in the moment and social meetups with the people who have been supporting me allowed me to get to know them better. Being a motivational speaker to me is more about being relatable instead of being over the top. All of us struggle, but many of us want it to end. But the best parts of our success comes from the moments we spent struggling. Let's learn to relish in those moments, and dig deep when we need to, in order to make change happen.

Workshop Facilitator

I have had the pleasure of facilitating workshops for universities and organizations across Australia and Sri Lanka. My workshops focus on personal branding and content marketing. The workshop is curated towards helping the individual understand how they can leverage today's social media to their benefit. You are already awesome, I help you put that awesome out there! I have studied platforms such as LinkedIn to help bring about these workshops through self-awareness context all the way through to the intricacies and technicalities of the platform an individual wants to put themselves on. Most of my workshops focus on youth leaders because I believe that if I can inspire them to put themselves out there and join firms their values align with or start their own, then I am playing a small part towards a better tomorrow.

Content Creator

Over the years I have worked with numerous brands creating content on my social media. You could say I'm a mix between an influencer and an activist. From hotels to restaurants, to fashion brands, radio and fitness brands, to non-profit organizations, universities and corporates, I have worked on curating content based on my audience. Brands like working with me because I have always treated the people who support me on social media such as Instagram like family and friends. Trust, genuineness and relatability are important to me when working with brands. If you would like to collaborate, get in touch with me, lets work towards increasing your brand presence through my platforms!  

Personal Branding

With the increase in social media platforms and its importance within organizations, it has been important to use it to an individuals benefit to obtain jobs, partnerships and sponsorships. My 1 on 1 personal branding sessions is curated to understand you as an individual and help curate that into a platform. My mentor Josh Farr from Campus Consultancy always says: "if you don't ask, the answer is always no". Using this quote I help you identify and leverage platforms such as LinkedIn to bring you personal brand to the eyes of recruiters, organizations, potential partners and sponsors. Get in touch with me, the first 1 on 1 session is free!

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A Documentary On Mental Health

I was approached by a university student, Rashmi Jayaweera who was studying film, to record a documentary on how I tackled my depression. One of the key things that helped me in 2019 was fitness. However, I believe my mental health and how I cope with it is changing as my life changes. Our mission, with this documentary, was to chip away at the stigma on mental health and I believe we did so. Together with Rashmi, Jasmine Worrell and Kelly Brambleby, we created a beautiful documentary that shows a side of me that a lot of people did not know of. The biggest cure towards loneliness is sometimes just hello. So, to you the reader, I hope you find true and raw happiness, and I hope this documentary helps in some small way. Your friend, Sharan.

Story Behind The Smile

On social media you often find people smiling 100% of the time. The Story Behind the Smile is to show people that there are many of us that are fighting battles that the world doesn't get to see. Alongside some incredible people such as the talented photographer Yadushika Radhakrishnan and incredible souls Raoul Rutnam, Theji Ekanayake, Harini Silva, and Nathali Devinka, we each used our pictures to tell a story. Each personal story would range from abuse, depression, insecurity, judgement, anger and more. If you have an idea on how we can use social media and content to push a message to break stigmas and change the narrative through effective storytelling, reach out! Let's work together to make a difference.

Humans I've worked with

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